Summer Summer Summer Time!!!

Summer is here and that means that Thrice As Randy will be taking some time off. Although we will not all be together at once over the summer we will be recording. Dave and Darin will be lying down close to around ten tracks while Pres is in France. Helping Darin and Dave will be Mickey, who will be running the studio for the summer. As Pres returns to Iowa City later this summer his voice and music will be added to the stuff already laid down and mixed my Dave, Darin and Mickey. There will be big plans in the fall along with some shows, and CD, so stayed tuned to this site to get the latest Thrice As Randy info.

Shows and Events
05-06-01 MC's Coffee Shop
12-08-01 Green Room (CH)
12-08-01 The Airliner
12-09-01 MC's Coffee Shop
02-09-02 The Airliner
03-30-02 The Green Room
04-03-02 Gabe's Oasis
04-18-02 Currier Hall
05-22-02 Gabe's Oasis

Thank You
A special thanks to all of the fans that are regulars at our show. Thanks also to those who are not regulars. Thrice As Randy is grateful for all of the fans, friends and family who have been there for us. A special thanks to Geoff for filming and screaming like a girl; to Curtis for helping out with the show; and to Jocelyn for getting us the gigs. If I missed anyone……well…thanks.

Thrice As Randy Is:
Pres Maxson-------Piano/Lead Vocals
Mike Blancherd----Lead Guitar
Darin Wilson------Bass Guitar
Dave Arthur-------Drums
Jane Williams-----Tenor Sax
Avi Stramer-------Alto Sax

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Four Members Of The Band Rock Out
(L/R)Pres, Avi, Darin, and Mickey, play at the very first show together May 6th, 2001.
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